General Terms and Conditions Watersports

General Terms and Conditions Watersports

General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

WATERSPORTS  General Terms and Conditions

The customer must be physically fit and capable to swim. The client confirms that from a medical point of view, there is nothing that prevents him/ her to exercise the sport of windsurfing.

1. Each customer is responsible of the equipment during its use,and accepts the responsibility to replace it in case of lost or serious damage. The customer has to pay lost or damaged equipment which automatically becomes property of the customer.

2. Clients have to listen to the instructions of our staff and follow regulations. 

For medical assistance during your holidays, each client ought to have: His/ her medical card and insurance, or contract a travel insurance.

3. With recourse to the rented material due to illness or an accident, which is confirmed by a medical certificate , the pending renting period can be credited to the customer.

4. When the services can not be provided, due to ´´force major´´or circumstances beyond the control of the company. These are unusual and unpredictable circumstances with unexpected consequences such as natural disasters or meteorological aspects etc, there will be no refund or credit.

5. I expressly and voluntarily assume all risk of death or personal injury sustained while practising sport in the WATERSPORTS FUERTEVENTURA .  

6. By paying the services or / and the signatures you automatically accept the terms and conditions.

7. It is forbidden to ride a bicycle on the beach. The client has to pay the cleaning of the bike.   

8. In case of cancellation the same day (no medical certificate) will be charged 70% of the total 

9. In case of cancellation 48 hours before (without a medical certificate) 50% of the total cost will be calculated. 

10. Country and city of Jurisdiction: Spain city Puerto del Rosario

Security in general

11. 80% of our winds are offshore. Do not go out of the supervised area.

12. You confirm that you are not suffering any illness and that you are not under the influence of alcohol, medication, or any other substance that could lead to drowning.

13. If we have tell you more than two times  that you should not windsurf or kite in the dark blue, we are sorry but for security reasons have to take the rented material from you for this day.

14. It is not  permitted to leave the sail/kite more than 15 minutes unused on the beach.

Kite security

15. Do not kite in winds stronger than 7 Beaufort. Always check our anemometer before you go on the water.

16. Do not kite outside of the supervised zone. Always stay within the bright blue water. If you kite in the dark blue water remember that our live savers cannot see you in case you are having an accident, broken material or are encountering other inconvenience.

17. We assume that you have advanced Kiting skills. The minimum requirements a clients needs to have for renting our equipment is: be able to go upwind in a controlled way, relaunch the kite from the water. Level 5 VDWS / Level 3 IKO.

18. We strongly recommend  you to use wetsuit, helmet and impact vest.

19. Kiting is only allowed in the designated areas.

20. Kite boards are generally not equipped with a leash, but the material insurance (optional) would not cover the loss of the board in this case. If you prefer using the leash, you need to sign a disclaimer.

Windsurf security

21. Do not windsurf outside of the supervised zone. Remember that our surf live savers can not see you in case you have an accident, broken material or are encountering other inconvenience.

22. If you are in the bright blue water you can always come back to the beach by swimming with your board and rig in a diagonal direction of the wind. If you need any help or would like to be rescued seat yourself on the board and we have with your hands. If you have been dragged out in the dark blue water tear the sail out of the water every once in a while so we can see you better.

23. At the Center we ask you to respect the different zones and keep the clean.

24. We strongly recommend you to use the neoprene and the impact vest.

25. We assume that you have basic windsurfing skills.

26. In winds stronger than 5 Beaufrt it is necessary that you know how to do waterstart. If you do not know it we ask you to make a course with one of our instructors.

27. Always check our anemometer before you go on the water.


28. Matas Bay Center does not take any responsability for any accident regardless of bodily injury or property damage.


29. We offer fully comprehensive cover. In case of material loss or grossly negligent behavior the insurance will not cover any costs.

30. The insurance is available exusevley for material. The company does not have any accident insurance available to custumers, as is the responsibility of customer him/herself. In case of damages to third part during classes our school has liability insurance. We take no responsibility for for any privat material (neoprene, harness etc.) of clients during activities.

Damage / Break / Loss of material

31. If you have chosen not to take our insurance you will have to pay in case of damage to the material or if it breaks. The hourly fee for repairing will be 50€ + material. In case that the material cannot be repaired / gets lost we have to charge the second hand price, which you can see on our price list for second hand material.

Contracted insurance

32. The insurance is only and exclusively for the material at fully comprehensive basis. It does not not include any bodily injury to you or any 3rd person. Matas Bay Center is not taking any responsability for private material (neoprene, harness,etc.) neither on the beach nor in the storage.

33. In the case that there is a red flag, insurance no applies. If the equipment is broken you will have to pay depending on the damage caused, you can check with our price guide.


34. In case that the client can not fulfill all of his reservation due to illness or accidents the reimbursement will be only possible if the client shows a Doctor´s notice. This reimbursement will only be done in form of bonus (no money refund). For “force majeure clause” (e.g. Bad weather) the company does not give any reimbursement.

35. No refund will be given in case  material rental with no suitable level, and material taken away

Photo Policy

36. Please note by signing this contract you give us permision to publish photos or videos taken during your activities on social media and the Web.