Wing Foil Courses

Wingfoiling in Matasbay - flat water bay , ideal for learning, Learn with us 

Wingfoiling in Fuerteventura

Our station is only a few metres from the ocean 

Wingfoiling for young and old. 
Fulfil your dream of wingfoiling in a holiday paradise!

Wing Foil Courses

Learn how to Wingfoil with Watersports Fuerteventura and Surfzone!

Live your passion and Let's go Wingfoiling!

Fuerteventura offers excellent conditions for wingfoiling all year round. Our bay of Matasbay, in the south of Fuerteventura, is considered one of the flattest wingfoil spots in Fuerteventura. Your trained and experienced instructor wants you to have fun and learn to feel the sea, the wind and to glide over the sea. Fulfil your dream of floating above the sea and becoming one with nature. We offer you training from 1to1, in a private course. We work with a jet ski and headset. Your instructor is always at your side and brings you quickly back to the starting point with the jet ski. The diagonal offshore wind may push you away a little, but the water is mega smooth!

Learn wingfoiling in a simple way

Learn to wingfoil in an intensive and safe way. Matasbay will help you find the right course for you. We are located in the south of the island. We choose the best conditions and equipment for you. That's why learning to wingfoil with us is so much fun.

Your trained and experienced instructor has been wingfoiling for several years. All instructors have turned their passion into their profession and show you the way to the board in a healthy mix of theory and practice.

Our wingfoil spot is located in our mega flatwater bay Matas Blancas.

Private lessons, fast learning success

We offer you our private courses over one hour with headset and jetskin use. Your instructor is always at your side and will quickly bring you back to the starting point. After the course you can relax with other water sports enthusiasts in our chill corner...

Best surfing spots for your level

To ensure the best conditions, we teach at the best times that suit you to learn or improve your wingfoiling techniques. Your size and weight wingboard will be waiting for you. Wetsuit, boards, beginner boards 180 litres over 145L, 125L and 100L foil boards, wings from 2.0 sqm to 6 sqm are included in the price. You do not need to have any previous experience. The course lasts one intensive private lesson and takes place daily. You can decide how often you want to participate. You can choose between the one hour course, the first day of the beginner course which will be with wing and windsurfing board with daggerboard up to 2 or more days. If the level is good after the first day, we will switch straight to the 145L Wingfoilboards, with which you will experience riding, upwind and then floating over the sea!

Experience active and varied holidays learning to wingfoil with Watersports Fuerteventura. Our wingfoil instructors are looking forward to meeting you!



Make your holidays active and exciting - go !wingfoiling

1st Wingfoil course

1 day € 110

Course contains:

Introduction to basics, from dealing with the wetsuit,a impact west, stand up on a beginenr board or foilboard , handling with the wing

Included in the course
Impact west, wetsuit, wing, board and teacher

2 hours Wingfoil Course

2 days € 210

Course content
Introduction to all the basics, starting with the handling of the wetsuit, wings, boards and foils as well as wind directions and upwind riding with the board.


Included in the course:
Wingfoil board, wing, neoprene and instructor

Headset training and jet ski


3 hours Wingfoil Course

3 days € 300

Course content
Wingfoilboard , pumping up and first steps to hovering over the water.

Included in the course:

Wingfoilboard & everything you need for wingfoiling, helmet, wetsuit

Headset, jet ski and instructor

Each session Extra Wingfoil course

Extra day € 90

Course contains:

All courses are intensive private courses. Your teacher adapts to your level and focuses on where you would like to improve.


Included in the course

Wingfoil material, neoprene, headset, jetski and instructor

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