Watersports Fuerteventura Team

Watersports Fuerteventura Team

Watersports Fuerteventura Team

Watersports Fuerteventura Team

Your Team

for all winds & activities


His energy is the ocean

There is no one better to ensure a great atmosphere at Matas Bay center.

Victor will not miss an opportunity to show you above all how to have fun!! with your windsurfing, snorkeling or fishing trips. he's experience and great stories of the sea's will assure you great moments and wonderful memories.

Victor's great passion is bodyboarding and windsurfing which he practiced since his childhood.

Local to the Canary island originally from Gran Canaria.

In 2017 he Celebrated 10 years as owner of Watersports Fuerteventura! Thanks to his experience he will know how to give you the necessary advice to sail and feel safe at sea.

Watersports Team - Office

Suse is the head of the administration and coordinates all bookings


Freestyle Windsurfing

Suse participated in the 2003 windsurf world championship in Fuerteventura and finished 7th in the Freestyle category and till this day she still trains windsurfing.

15 years ago she fell in love with the island and changed her residence to Fuerteventura.

Suse is an official windsurf and catamaran instructor licensed by VDWS, and is co-founders of Watersports Fue along side Victor. She is responsible of the contabilty, store and reservations.

Watersports Team

Trained surf & kite instructors ensure fast learning success

Our Team at Matas Bay will give you what you want during your stay a smooth and stress-free experience , our VDWS and IKO certificated teachers will make sure all the safety is taken while you are enjoying this fantastic sport. We work hard to ensure the best quality of teaching, equipment and service through the renewal of our equipment, careful crafting of our offer and selection of instructors.


Born in Italy, he likes to teach surf all day and at night he is couch surfing chilling with friends and enjoying every moment in life!! Hang loose is the motto!!

Since he was a child, he knows that surfing is his lifestyle.

He is very friendly and helpful to everyone.


Surfing & Windsurfing Instructor

He came from Italy and speaks 5 languages. As a VDWS oficial instructor he teaches windsurfing, catamaran sailing and surfing (fcs). Fascinated by watersports, he made from his passion, his profession. After years of experience in Italy at windsurf, surfing and sailing center, he will teach you the basics of these sports. In his free time he looks mostly for the wind, waves and the best conditions for sailing.



Matas bay's one and only kite Junkie "Myle". Hungry for adventures. Water Girl!!  Kitesurfer, Surfer, SUP and much more!! Give her a reason not to go on the water she will give a 100 reasons why you are wrong.

Kiteinstructor with Passion.



Office and Beach Assistent

Charlies Angels

Surfer Girls!! When there is no swell they work in the office and help out on the beach. Without them we are lost...


The lifeguard




Born in germany our Kite instructor Yaschar "Yoschi" moved to Fuerteventura in  2013 and fell immidiatley in love with the conditions. He is very passionate about wind and waves and loves to fly with his Kite trough the bay of Matas Blancas. Sharing his experiences with his students, he will teach you the little tricks to get successful in kiting.

His biggest passion is Waveriding or - kiting!



Living in Andalucia, he became a surfer in Cadiz, after this he found the place of his dreams in Fuerteventura. He skates, goes longboarding, is a personal trailer and our surf teacher.


The best thing to ensure a great snorkeling experience is to be taken out by a local, “Isaac” born and bread on the Canary Islands knows all the hotspots to guarantee that you see the most.