Snorkeling Tours & Excursions

Snorkeling Tours & Excursions

While snorkeling, discover a new side of Fuerteventura

Snorkeling with Watersports Fuerteventura
Discover a world full of life underwater. Snorkeling in crystal clear, pleasant fresh water. Enjoy colorful fish, starfish, crab spiders, sea cucumbers, moray eels or a squid. The Atlantic coast off Fuerteventura is an ideal area for snorkeling.

Snorkeling tour with introductory course

Before your snorkeling trip starts, you will receive a short introduction. We also give you tips and interesting facts about snorkeling and how to deal with our sea dwellers. Watersports Fuerteventura offers snorkeling trips by motorboat to spots that are accessible only from the sea. The rewarding area, free of underwater currents and wind waves lies around Matas Blancas, north of Costa Calma. Our teachers know the hiding places of the sea creatures and bring you closer to the underwater creatures.

We know the best spots for snorkeling!

Snorkeling is a special experience on your holiday (from 8 years on). A great idea for a family trip. You do not need any prior knowledge and after a short briefing you can immediately dive into the water. Watersports Fuerteventura gives you glasses, snorkels, fins, wetsuit and on request also an opportunity for underwater photography. The transfer from all the hotels in the south is also included in the price. The snorkeling trip can also be combined with an exciting kayak tour (starting at 10:00 am).

Fuerteventura snorkeling

Are you looking for fascinating and untouched places? You want to observe animals in their natural environment and become a part of their world? When you look at the sea, you ask yourself, what actually happens below the blue surface? Join us on one of our snorkeling trips and dive into a fantastic, new world. Here you can observe, among other things, fish, rays, and squid in their natural environment.

We know the best snorkel spots and take you there by the motorboat! For snorkeling, you just have to jump into the water and enjoy! Our instructors will guide you while you in the water, so you always have a person to share excitement with.


Snorkeling trips / excursions

We know the best snorkeling spots

Motor boat & snorkel excursion

2,5 Hours € 39,-

Our snorkeling excursions in combination with the boat take place daily at 14:30 (Depends on the weather). Possible go with the car.

Free transfer, a wetsuit, an equipment, and a guide.

Required minimum age - 8 years old


Kayak & snorkel excursion

2,5 Hours € 45,-

Combined with the kayak - 2.5 hours excursion, takes place in the morning at 10:00 o'clock (Depends on the weather)


Free transfer, a wetsuit, an equipment, and a guide. Required minimum age - 12 years old


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