Catamaran sailing

Catamaran sailing

Perfect catamaran area & qualified instructors

Catamaran sailing with Watersports Fuerteventura!

Our partner's station at Esquinzo Beach is a sailing school where you can learn to sail catamarans or take a guided sailing trip. The beach is the perfect place for it due to the moderate wind and clear water. Fly fast with a catamaran and just over the turquoise, sparkling sea. Desert-like landscapes await you with cliffs and beaches with moderate winds.

Fuerteventura - Perfect Cat sailing area

Your qualified catamaran instructor will show you the necessary tricks of the sailing world. Since the bay is located outside the strong wind zone Sotavento, this will allow you to safely and quickly learn to sail catamarans. Experience the joy of sailing in the afternoon.

Maybe you have not sailed for a long time? A refresher course or a transfer course from one-on to multi-hulls will help you back to the water. Hang yourself with the harness in the advanced course.

You just have to get started!

Use your holiday to acquire a globally recognized VDWS catamaran certificate, or make a sailing trip with friends. There is a space for a maximum of 3 persons per Cat.

Catamaran sailing is easy, fast and fun. Our Partner has the right material, the right terrain, the right course and the experienced instructors for you.

Courses from 14 years of age!

Enjoy active and varied holidays sailing catamarans with Watersports Fuerteventura. Our sailing instructors look forward to seeing you! To sign up for a catamaran course, you can contact us at +34 928 875 110 or by email

Getting to the school: with your own car (no shuttle service is offered)

Watersports Sailing course

Enjoy active and varied holidays

Watersports sailing courses

10 - 12 hrs. sailing € 210,00


Tacking, jibing and sailing regulations.


A wetsuit, a sailing harness, a life jacket and an instructor

Private or advanced course

1 Hrs. € 65,00


Practical training, trapeze

Included in the course

Wetsuit, sail trapeze, life jacket and teacher

Inquiry & Booking

Reserve your catamaran course or equipment or send us a no-obligation inquiry.

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